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General terms of use

The access and use of this site are subject to the following general terms of use. The user is invited to read carefully the present conditions before using the services provided by this site. By using this website the user commits himself to abiding by the rules of the present contract.

This site is published by :

ABC-Team Ltd hereinafter referred to as « THE SERVICE PLATFORM ».
Service providers hereinafter referred to as « PARTNERS ».
User of the service hereinafter referred to as « USER ».

  1. Scope of this contract

    1. THE SERVICE PLATFORM provides a platform that allows the use of the system and the payment for delivered services on webcam and/or phone, provided by third parties hereinafter referred to as PARTNERS.
    2. THE SERVICE PLATFORM provides the access to the PARTNERS’ content and allows the payment of these services through its system.
    3. For efficency reasons THE SERVICE PLATFORM can make use of payment facilities provided by third companies for processing payment transactions such as telecom operators, credit card companies or electronic payment companies..
    4. THE SERVICE PLATFORM doesn't provide any services relating to its PARTNERS’ content, its role is limited to providing the support service between the USER and the services provided by the PARTNERS.
  2. Tariffs

    1. The credits that allow access to THE SERVICE PLATFORM's services can be purchased on THE SERVICE PLATFORM's websites through the different available payment methods.
    2. Credits shall only be spent on THE SERVICE PLATFORM's platform. These credits are an integral part of the USER’s account, which is personal. They should not be transmitted to third parties nor be used differently than described in the present conditions.
    3. THE SERVICE PLATFORM retains the right to modify the services and prices announced on its websites at any time. This includes the modification and/or update of the provisions of the present contract.
  3. Limitation of liability

    1. THE SERVICE PLATFORM aims at making its services permanently available and providing a fully secured system.
    2. THE SERVICE PLATFORM has the right to interrupt access to its services without prior notice in order to track down frauds and/or possible abuse which might take place on its system and to cancel these by taking all appropriate actions. This includes possible outages of the system to be able to assure a regular technical maintenance of the service. THE SERVICE PLATFORM shall never be held responsible for any prejudice the user might have to cope with due to these interruptions.
    3. THE SERVICE PLATFORM won't ever be held responsible for the accessed contents. These services are performed by people who are not part of the THE SERVICE PLATFORM company. These PARTNERS are responsible for the services they provide. THE SERVICE PLATFORM commits itself to removing any illicit content from its website(s) in a reasonable time. Any illegal action can be reported via the contact form.
    4. THE SERVICE PLATFORM guarantees the utmost discretion regarding the collection of data concerning USERS and/or PARTNERS.
    5. THE SERVICE PLATFORM won't ever be held responsible for any prejudice or damage the USER and/or PARTNER may suffer resulting from the use of THE SERVICE PLATFORM services. The USER or the PARTNER is sole responsible for any possible damage to his/her computer and/or material that may result from the use of THE SERVICE PLATFORM services.

    • Third parties' websites or websites managed or controlled totally or in part by third parties may display links pointing to THE SERVICE PLATFORM’s websites based on the affiliate program. THE SERVICE PLATFORM hasn't acquainted itself with the websites nor their content and can therefore not be held responsible for any dispute regarding one or several of these websites.

    • The access to the services provided by a PARTNER may require some technical requirements. If these are not fullfilled then the USER might encounter difficulties to access the services.

    1. The USER must be of legal adult age as determined in his/her country (18 or 21 years old depending on the country (or State)).
    2. The USER commits himself not to using any device, software or routine that might affect the normal working of the website. The USER also commits himself not to taking any actions that might have a negative effect on the website infrastructure such as a disproportionately large load (which might result in a temporary or permanent service outage) nor to denigrate the content.
    3. The USER commits himself not to using the website for illegal purposes or with the aim of causing prejudice to the reputation of THE SERVICE PLATFORM or any other third parties.
    4. In case THE SERVICE PLATFORM has reasonable thought one or several of the hereabove mentioned conditions has/have been violated, THE SERVICE PLATFORM has the right to limit the USER's access to its services in all or in part.
    5. The following behaviors are forbidden on THE SERVICE PLATFORM's platform :

      - Personal and professional data exchange;
      - Physical dating (whether paid or not);
      - The use of THE SERVICE PLATFORM's platform by minor age users (min. legal adult age in his/her country AND at least 18 years old);
      - The use of pedo-pornographic pictures (fixed image or video stream)
      - The use of animals pictures (fixed image or video stream)

      As part of the fight against prostitution and the protection of minors, if one of these issues happened and was proved, THE SERVICE PLATFORM will end in an immediate way the contract that binds THE SERVICE PLATFORM to the USER.

      The USER’s account will be closed immediately and banished from THE SERVICE PLATFORM's platform (in order to prevent any future re-registration).

      No moral or financial compensation will be granted to the USER. The remaining funds on the USER’s account will also be frozen and will be non-refundable. This money will be kept by THE SERVICE PLATFORM in compensation for damages (non-compliance with conditions that could compromize the contracts between THE SERVICE PLATFORM and its suppliers) and management fees that the USER may have caused .

  7. Intellectual property

    1. All the elements and data of the website(s) (including texts, images, logos, graphic material, pictures, audio and video footage and updates) are considered the sole and exclusive property of THE SERVICE PLATFORM.
    2. Any links pointing to THE SERVICE PLATFORM’s websites and managed and/or hosted by the USER or a third person should always be subject to THE SERVICE PLATFORM's prior approval.
    3. The USER won't be allowed to claim any right on the downloaded contents while using THE SERVICE PLATFORM's system.
  8. Privacy of personal info

    • All personal info the USER and or the PARTNER will share with THE SERVICE PLATFORM will remain confidential and won't ever be disclosed..
  9. Stored info resulting from the use of THE SERVICE PLATFORM’s websites

    1. When using THE SERVICE PLATFORM’s system info is collected by THE SERVICE PLATFORM in order to solve any problems, litigations that might occur or for whatever purpose it may serve, according to legal provisions in force. This info won't ever be disclosed to a third party unless it is requested by a Court decision.
    2. Exchanging personal info and/or using the website with the aim of physically meet people is strictly forbidden on the whole system.
  10. Contact

    • You can take up contact with THE SERVICE PLATFORM should you need more info about the present terms of use : cclick here
    • THE SERVICE PLATFORM commits itself to replying to any support question relating to its services as soon as possible.

    • THE SERVICE PLATFORM makes use of Cookies and ActiveX. These allow among others to retrieve the USER and/or PARTNER’s language and information.
    • By using THE SERVICE PLATFORM’s system you agree to the use of Cookies and ActiveX otherwise technical problems might occur in terms of data and services display.
  12. Legal validity of the present contract

    • In the eventuality of one or several of the present conditions could not be applied in full or in part, the validity of this contract won't be affected.
  13. Applicable Law

    • This contract is governed by United Kingdom Law.
      Any dispute regarding the validity and the execution of this contract will be within the competence of the courts of Londres.
  14. Complaints & refunds

    • THE SERVICE PLATFORM retains the right to refund payments from its USERS only in a case of force majeure and only on written request from the USERS. The USER(S) in question's account will be credited based on the info stored in THE SERVICE PLATFORM's database.

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