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Are payments really secured ?

We work with an instant payment company, which is a reference in terms of online secured payments. This secured platform is certified PCI-DSS compliant, one of the strictest within the online payment industry. What’s more, all transactions are made in https (SSL), which guarantees that all data is encrypted. All info you’ll provide to this company will only be used to process the payments with the relevant companies, the info is not stored on our servers and is not disclosed to us.

Why should I become a member ? Is it free ?

As a member you also have the opportunity to stay in contact with your favourite performers, participate in contests (still to come), receive gifts,... The affiliate program is 100% free. This system allows us to reward your fidelity, provide quality services at low prices offer you gifts and much more. Besides, we can deal easier with all support matters in case of any problems.

What will appear on my bank statements ?

The description remains discreet and doesn’t draw attention on your statements.

What do I need to be able to use your webcam system ?

You just need a computer with the Flash plug-in (available on www.adobe.com) and high speed Internet – as a visitor, the webcam is optional. Indeed, you can use the system without it.

Some other platforms make use of automatic rebill, automatic subscriptions and so on,... Is it the same here ?

No, in a spirit of honesty and responsibility the client is the only one to decide when he wants to reload his account. No automatic transaction will take place on our system. It’s a prepaid service without subscription so you can manage your spendings without expecting a bad surprise.

What are the different payment methods ?

We only accept payments with debit cards for now (ex : Bancontact), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard,...) and Direct Banking (for some banks only).

Can I log in from my iPad ?

It’s not possible yet as mobile Apple doesn’t support the Flash plug-in. However we keep improving our products to allow Apple users to meet gorgeous girls on our webcam platform.

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I encountered a problem on the system and I can’t find any solutions in these FAQ’s.

If you’re a member then log in and go to the « messages » section, this will enable us to reply quickly and effectively to all your questions.